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Solstice Doorway

Happy Solstice my beautiful friend!

Within the next 24 hours, we will move through a powerful energetic doorway known as the Solstice.

A Solstice represents a time of great completion and new beginnings. Whatever we are ready to resolve and let go of, this is the time to do it so that we are ready to enter the next phase of our journey feeling refreshed and renewed.

This Solstice is also anchoring large amounts of light from the Sun into our planet, which will create another quantum leap forward in our personal consciousness, and in the collective.

What are you ready to step into? What are you willing to leave behind so that you can create more room for your desired reality? This is time the time to ask these types of questions, and make the necessary adjustments to move ourselves forward into greater love.

A Solstice also has the ability to bring into fruition our deepest & most authentic desires for ourselves & for the world around us. One of the reasons is because millions of people around the world are using this special opening to create a Cosmic Unified Love Field that you can instantly connect with through desired willingness, intent, prayer, or meditation.

If you'd like to connect with this Love Field, just take a few moments today and tomorrow, close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and simply affirm to yourself that you are choosing to love yourself, others, and the world around you. Then, visualize a beautiful blanket of emerald green light cover the entire planet gently. This will activate greater peace, love and joy within you. It will also bring you into a state of grace which opens you up to manifesting your desires into reality.

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With love,

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Energy Update: 11:11 Doorway