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Honoring the Law of Circulation

Hi my friend,

If you've ever found yourself in lack or judgment of someone who charges for their services, especially if they work in the healing and wellness arts, here's some awareness that may support you tremendously, and open you up to receive all of life's blessings.

There is a spiritual law in the Universe called The Law of Circulation.

This is one of the most powerful laws that governs this Universe, and has to do with aligning ourselves with the vibration of giving and receiving energy in a balanced way.

When someone offers a service, it's about the amount of abundance of time, energy, dedication and effort they are putting into both refining their skills in the service they are offering, and also for the actual time, energy and effort they are giving to the person receiving the service from them.

In the case of those in the healing, wellness and creative arts... they are often met with people who may not necessarily have awareness around all of the time, energy, dedication and effort that it took for them to even get to a place where they are ready to offer their services.

This approach often makes the person offering the service feel that it's okay for the them to keep giving everything away for free, and not receive any form of exchange for it. Subconsciously this also makes them devalue what they have to offer, because it isn't celebrate by society the way other jobs are.

The recipient of the service also ends up having an entitled idea that the giver owes them something, without even thinking that a form of exchange in return is important or something that needs to be honored.

This entitled behavior often comes from deep religious, cultural and historical programming that views those who work in the healing, wellness and creative arts as people who should offer theirs services for free, because that makes them more spiritual or connected to God.

What these old programs are actually doing is reinforcing the following:

1. That there's not enough in the Universe for everyone.

2. It immediately has us look at someone in the field of healing, well-being and creative arts as someone who is less than us, and/or not good enough. (This often becomes subconscious.)

3. When we view someone as being less than and/or not good enough, we no longer are able to recognize the true value in what they have to offer. So whatever benefits that come with that, would be lost on the person receiving.

4. The experience of the Law of Circulation becomes off balance for both the giver and taker, which takes a toll on both parties making them eventually have to a pay a price for the imbalanced exchange in some way. This usually happens in a not so enjoyable and expansive way.

5. By dis-empowering others, we dis-empower ourselves.

Once we learn that life is about the balance of giving and receiving energy, everything opens up for us in extraordinary ways.

It's so important to honor the quality of being generous and give things away freely without attachments from time to time.

For me personally, it's one of the things I live for, and I do it as often as I can.

However, it's also important for us to give others the opportunity to give to us, because that is us giving to ourselves. If we are not giving to ourselves, there's no way we can allow others to give anything to us.

It's important to create a healthy energy exchange so that our experience of the Law of Circulation is balanced and a rewarding experience for all those who are involved.

When a balanced exchange occurs, the person receiving from the person giving actually honors and values what they are receiving from them even more.

When we honor and value a service that is in the healing, wellness and creative arts, we also open ourselves up to receiving the magical gift from it fully and completely.

If you are finding yourself in lack, know that it's not your fault.

We've been conditioned to believe that there is not enough for everyone, and that there are only those who must give give give or those who must only take take take.

Rather than only be one or the other, finding a healthy balance between both giving and receiving will help us heal, thrive and prosper beyond our wildest imagination.

The next time you see someone in the healing, well-being and creative arts put themselves out there by offering a service they worked so hard to put together, whether or not you decide to work with them, be willing to celebrate them by sending them love and acknowledgment.

They are offering extraordinary work that most humanity has not had the courage to step into doing for themselves yet.

Champion them whether it be out loud or quietly from your heart.

This will help to heal the old programs for the collective that had us ever believing that any one job or service is better or valuable than another.

With love,


Honoring the Healer

Those who have chosen to answer the call to serve humanity through the healing arts, do it because the healing arts chose them.

On many occasions, these people resist this inner call because it isn't fully honored and valued, especially in society fully just yet.

For those who live and breath sacred healing work, it has never been about anything other than honoring their deep inner call to serve humanity.

Humanity as a whole still greatly undervalues the healing arts as a result of the misconceptions they still carry due to deep subconscious religious and cultural programming.

The idea that a 'healing' service should be free, is stemmed from the old ideology that one show give away everything they have and live in poverty, if they desire to offer their service of healing and support to humanity. They think that it will bring them closer to their 'God' by doing this. Which actually, is the complete opposite of what's happening.

Empaths usually fall into this pattern the most, because they desire to please everyone around them, and tend to forget to nurture and take care of themselves. They end up giving and giving, and forgetting to replenish themselves.

Although it is important to offer our gifts of healing service for free from time to time when we feel guided to, it is also important to embrace the human experience and participate in one of the most important principles of the Universe, known as the Principle of Circulation.

The Principle of Circulation reminds us to create a state of balance in our energy exchanges with the people, places, and the experiences around us.

An energy exchange doesn't always have to be monetary based. However, it is important for some form of mutual exchange to occur so that the experience of circulation can be honored. The Principle of Circulation is one of the foundations that shapes the Universe, so when it is being honored, life becomes much more full and enjoyable.

When an exchange of mutually agreed energy occurs between 2 people, not only are they honoring each other, they are honoring themselves which allows them to receive so much more out of the whole experience.

For example, when someone receives something for free, it can feel wonderful in that moment, even like an instant high.

However, if they continue to only 'take' and are not partaking in some time of balanced energy exchange in their lives, a part of their primal mind will not fully value the gift they just received. They often end up dis-guarding or not using the offering they received, because again a part of them just doesn't see it as valuable anymore.

Until someone is fully aware of the importance of an energy exchange, they will continue to live in a world of lack, self-entitlement and unhappiness because they are simply unwilling to partake in the exchange of energy in a balanced way.

Imagine what it would feel like to always take without giving back. Eventually, a person will become immune to the 'high' they get from receiving because the balance of giving is not there. Then, nothing ever becomes enough for them.

If you're feeling the energy of lack, it's simply because there is an imbalance in your circulation.

Many who have chosen to walk the path of helping others through the healing arts struggle with allowing themselves to receive as much as they give. This too creates lots of survival-based behaviors that leads to lack, fear and unhappiness.

We can honor these experience, but we just don't need to keep re-creating them anymore.

In the case of the healing arts, it's not the healing itself that one is asking to receive an energy exchange for, it's the amount of time, energy, preparation, resources, (often money you put in) and work one is placing into the gift of their service and offerings to others.

These things must be honored and valued. First and foremost by ourselves so that we can set the tone for others to do the same.

Healing and transformation work is a calling. We don't often go out searching to do it, it summons us.

More and more people are waking up to the awareness that the healing arts are a big part of our future. The healing arts are the technology that will support us in receiving a whole and complete experience of well-being, rather than just receiving a temporary fix or band-aid.

The first step to receiving a healing experience is to recognize how sacred, valuable and important it is. This can be fully realized by honoring those who we receive support, nourishment, and healing from. We do this through a balanced exchange of energy.

If we find ourselves judging those who offer healing services and desiring to receive a balanced exchange for it, it actually has nothing to do with them. We are ultimately judging ourselves because we are choosing to be in lack.

We all deserve to heal, and we all have the power to heal ourselves. Sometimes a little extra support from others can help us remember how to come back to this knowing.

The days of judging those who offer their healing services for a balanced form of energy exchange are winding down. It serves no one, and keeps people from actually healing. There's just no use for it anymore.

A person who only desires to take without giving back, is a person who is choosing to be in lack. Just the same, a person who only desires to give and not receive is also a person who is choosing to be in lack. The imbalance in energy exchange is one of the top reasons why many are not open and aware of the abundant blessings the Universe always has available to us.

Honor those who nourish and support others through the healing arts. They are helping to lead us into a brighter and more enriching future.




Healing the Pattern of Witholding Love

Withholding love from ourselves and others is the mind's way of separating itself from Spirit.

The mind uses this coping method to protect itself, or to get what it thinks it wants through patterns of manipulation and punishment, which at the root is just the mind's desire for attention and to be right.

Withholding love is a survival-based approach that is unnatural to our Spirit.

That's why if you've ever had a friend, family member or partner that does this, it can feel even more excruciating than verbal or even physical abuse.

The reason why it feels so unnatural is because it stems from the mind choosing fear over love.

Fear is an illusion created by the mind to keep itself structured, organized and protected.

Withholding love is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to trying to create and maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves and others, because it directly touches on most people's biggest fears—guilt, shame, unworthiness, failure, and rejection.

Love is our natural state. Love never withholds anything from itself. EVER.

Kindness, compassion, care, open communication, warmth, support, and connection are not designed to be conditional things we have to 'earn' from ourselves or our loved ones. If they are being withheld, it could be time to reassess if we desire to continue experiencing this kind of behavior (whether its coming from our mind or from those around us.)

The pattern of withholding love can be resolved when we and those around us allow ourselves to fully be honest with what we truly desire, and express it openly rather than hide or keep things bottled up inside.

When it comes to a relationship with a love one, we can even go further and make it clear that the relationship will have to end in its current format, if they don't start honoring, respecting and communicating with you from a place of love and compassion.

Withholding love cannot continue forward into the new heart-centered Earth we are co-creating.

Where there is love, life flourishes. And EVERYONE deserves to live and enjoy life to the fullest.

With all my heart,


Home Numerology - Live at Your Perfect Address

Hi my friend,

One of my favorite tools of transformation to play with is numerology.

Did you know that even our house has a specific energy frequency, because of its numerology? This can have a great effect on our happiness and well-being.

A home is meant to serve as a sanctuary for our body, mind and spirit. It's where we can fully express ourselves freely and creatively without any interruption.

If the home is not aligned with our energy and desired intentions, it can often feel like the opposite of a sanctuary.

Today, I am excited to share what each number represents in numerology for a home.

If you see that you prefer to change the number of your home, no worries because you can without having to move!

Here is how to calculate the numerology for your house or apartment:

First, write down the full number of your house or apartment (the number on your door or mailbox).

Next, add all of the numbers together to find the sum.
Reduce the sum to a single digit.

For example, if you live in a house that is at 1248 Miracle Street.
 Your house number is 1248.
 You then add: 1+2+4+8=15.
 Reduce 15 to a single digit: (1+5=6).
If you live in a house that is 1248 Miracle Street, you live in a 6 frequency house.

The street name has a minor influence, however you do not need to add your street name to find the exact frequency number of your home.

If you live in an apartment, the most important number is your apartment number, not your building number.
 Let’s say you live at 1248 Miracle Street, Apt #28. In that case, you calculate the numerology for your apartment number, which is 28.

You add the sum of the numbers 28 (2+8=1). Your apartment is a 1 frequency.

Letters have numeric value as well.

A, J, S = 1
B, K, T = 2
C, L, U = 3
D, M, V = 4
E, N, W = 5
F, O, X = 6
G, P, Y = 7
H, Q, Z = 8
I, R = 9

For example, if you lived in apartment 28C, you would take the numeric value of the letter C and add that to the apartment number.

For apartment 28C – add the sum of 28=1, plus the numeric value of C=3. 1+3=4. Apartment 28C is a 4 frequency.

Here is the wonderful part!

If for any reason you desire to change the frequency of your home, for example, you desire to create greater financial abundance in your life, you can easily change the vibration by putting another number inside of or near your front door of the home.

The number you place inside your door can be added to the original frequency number of the house.

For example, if you live in a 6 home and would prefer an 8 vibration, you can put a number 2 inside your door and it becomes an 8! Now you change your house frequency to an 8 home. It's important to also to get super clear of why you desire to change the frequency of the house, and to 'set your desired intention' for what you would like to experience more of as a result of this change.

I have been studying Feng Shui and Numerology for years, and have seen excellent results working with them. One example, several years ago in Los Angeles the owner of a new hotel had called me to clear the space (energetically) and to work my magic through Feng Shui and Numerology. Now, his hotel has become one of the top hotels in Los Angeles, and the main thing is that the guests feel happy, prosperous and comfortable!

Here are the numerology numbers:

1 - This is the perfect home if you are someone who desires to be highly motivated, ambitious, innovative, independent, and a leader. This home is better suited for someone who is single (probably not the best number if you are choosing to attract a partner,) or chooses to be more of a loner. The 1 is influenced by the Sun and Leo, meaning it is excellent for an independent person who is choosing to advance their career and sees themselves as an entrepreneur. 1 is associated with material success.

2 - This is the perfect home if you are someone who desires to create a cozy, loving, and heart-opening environment. This is a home that allows anyone who enters it to feel welcomed, loved, acknowledged and appreciated. The energy of a 2 home creates an environment of compassion and sensitivity. This creates a great space for those who tend to be more on the nostalgic and sentimental side, surrounding themselves with pictures of family, friends and nature that evoke beautiful memories for them. This is a great house to have people over for small gatherings, especially where lots of love is shared. It is a great place for couples who love spending lots of time together. It is specifically excellent for romantic partners, best friends, and young families. Since the 2 energy is also about creating balance and the intuition, this home is also great for empaths, healers, artists and writers. A 2 house is connected to the energies of the moon, sweet, sensitive and nurturing.

3 - If you are looking for fun, play and lots of laughter, this is the home you want to be in! A 3 home has a very positive, happy and high energy. This is definitely a social house, so it's a great place to have fun social gatherings. 3 is all about creativity, so a home with this frequency number would be excellent for artists, visionaries and those who desire to be inspired often. This is also a great home to create a new family. This is a great space to express feelings and out of the box concepts openly in a healthy way. This home is influenced by Jupiter, so if you love to live life to the fullest, enjoy being in a good mood often, and express yourself with lots of positivity, this is the house for you!

4 - This is the perfect home if you are someone who desires a grounded, earthy, stable and secure environment. This would be a great place for building and growing a stable family, business and finances. Slow and steady does it in this home. If you are someone who desires to invest in your well-being and in your goals, this is an excellent home to do it in. Organization, commitment, and responsibility are highly supported in this home. Influenced by Uranus, this is a wonderful space if you are not the biggest fan of change, but rather more inclined to take baby steps out of comfort zone.

5 - This is the perfect home if you are someone who loves constant change and to be the life of the party! A 5 home is constantly moving at a fast pace, so if you desire quiet time and stability, you probably won't find much of that here.5 is influenced by Mercury, and is the most active of all the numbers. This is a great place for having people over often. 5 is also the number of surprise, so if you thrive on the energy of excitement and adventure, this is your home! This home creates an optimal space for those who are rarely home, who love to travel, and are always inclined to try new things. If you want something different, and never have a dull moment, this would be a great home for you.

6 - This is the perfect home if you are someone who loves to surround themselves with beauty, nature, harmony, and family. Influenced by Venus, a 6 home is considered to bring lots of good fortune and luck into your life. If you ever have the opportunity to live in or visit a 6 home, you will notice the attention to detail through the plants, gardens, beautiful colors, comfortable furniture, artwork, and exquisite design this space has to offer. The home is often so beautiful that it feels like a sanctuary for anyone who enters it. People instantly feel welcomed when they walk into a 6 home because of the balanced energy it has. A 6 home is the most conducive for children and animals, because they will absolutely thrive here. Every type of personality will feel happy in a 6 home. This is truly a special home, and one that you probably may find yourself never wanting to leave.

7 - This is the perfect home if you are someone who lives all things spiritual. If you are a spiritual seeker, philosopher, writer, researcher, or into the metaphysical, you will be very happy here. A 7 home tends to be a a private space, and can promote being introvert and isolation. Influenced by the moon, this home awakens deep reflection and higher insight. If you love spending time alone, this is a great place to call home. This is also a great space that promotes physical, emotional and mental healing and rejuvenation. It has more of a 'retreat in the mountains' vibe to it. If you would like to create even more peace here, add some kind of water element like a fountain, if you don’t already live near a body of water. If you desire to live in a home that promotes quantum expansion in your consciousness, this is the place for you. Just make sure to not isolate yourself too much from the world.

8 - This is the perfect home if you are someone who is an entrepreneur or are career driven in any way, and desire to create lots of material gain. Influenced by Saturn, 8 is a number of prosperity and abundance. Any financial endeavor will be promoted here. If you are running your business from your home, it's likely to be quite successful! If you desire to expand your presence in the world, where you are able to grow your brand, financial wealth, and footprint, this is a great home for you! 8 is also a number of passion, so it will be quite easy to feel motivated and inspired. Since 8 is a number highly connected to material things, be mindful not to focus too much on your career that you forget to spend time with your loved ones.

9 - This is the perfect home if you are a humanitarian. 9 is the number of universal love, so compassion and full acceptance of all is promoted here. Everyone is welcome in a 9 home! You'll probably notice lots of people calling or coming over to receive your support and advice. There's a lot of love in your home, so people will find themselves quite drawn to it. Peace and sisterhood/brotherhood is the energy of this house, so you may find yourself also traveling on behalf of connecting with and helping humanity even more. Influenced by Mars, This is a creative house, so make sure to express yourself openly without keeping things bottled up inside. 9 is a starry-eyed frequency, and can create some challenges if you are needing to make more money or feel more inspired to take action. Be mindful not to focus on the past too much.. Ultimately, the humanitarian is learning how to love themselves through the love they have for others, so once this is achieved this will be the perfect home for you.

May this information support you in creating the most extraordinary living environment for yourself where you heal, prosper and thrive!



My First Healing Session Experience

The first time I received a healing session from a healing practitioner, I was 18 years old. I remember being starry eyed and excited at the potential expansion that would take place.

However, that first experience did not go so well.

Thank goodness I had done enough inner work on myself to notice what was happening at the time.

The session began with the healing practitioner letting me know all of the things they 'sensed' and thought were 'wrong' with me. At this point, the only exchange we had was a "hello" and "I'm looking forward to receiving your support."

I knew I was in for a ride, and decided to stay to see what would unfold.

Then, the healing practitioner decided to upgrade a 'psychic reading' into our healing session, because they felt it was necessary. During this psychic reading, they shared quite a few fear-based timelines they saw for me. Again, thank goodness I knew better than to internalize these stories and believe them.

Finally, somehow the session ended up becoming about the healing practitioner needing and receiving support from me by having me offer them a listening ear and guidance (when they asked.)

What I learned from this first healing experience is that the most important thing in life is to know who we truly are, and come from a place of knowing that we are not or never have been broken.

The mind may try to create a story that chooses to identify with the belief that we are anything less than whole of beliefs, but this is just a story, it's not who we really are.

I also learned that whoever I had the honor of working with and supporting through my healing and mentoring sessions, that I would only work with them from a place of awareness that they are whole, eternal and powerful beings of love simply desiring their mind to re-member and feel into these qualities of themselves.

I learned that timelines can change at anytime we decide for them to, or decide to choose something different. I learned that we are the creator of our life, not anyone else.

I also promised myself that I would only do healing work, if I was able to come from a place of helping every client feel more inspired, expanded and connected to their core selves during every session.

I learned how to forgive, because I understood that sometimes people are on autopilot and in survival mode, and they just don't know any better.

Today marks the 15 year anniversary of that first session that I received.

The session gave me the desire to create something different, and ignited my inner flame to make sure others would not have to experience anything less than pristine and unconditional support during their healing and expansion process, at least under my watch.

Happy Anniversary dear 18 year old self. You did a great job that day not taking on any energies that were not yours, and I am so happy you chose your current life path to be one of service to humanity, rather than go into judgment and fear by not being open to receiving healing support again after that first not so great experience.

I have since connected with so many extraordinary and powerful healers who mirrored what I felt to be alignment with how to approach healing work.

For all of this, and for so much more, I am grateful.