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Judgment and Discernment. 

At the core of every judgment we make about someone else, is a judgement we are making about ourselves.

A judgement is simply the mind's way of choosing to identify with primal/victim patterns of separation and limitation in order to keep itself safe, small and protected. It is 100% a mental construct, and has served a purpose of keeping the mind safe the best way it knows how.

A discernment transcends judgments, and opens one up to eternal freedom.

Discernment operates from a space of neutrality without the need to label something good or bad, right or wrong. It comes from a place of feeling (the heart) and provides us with feedback as to decide what we do or do not desire to experience more of.

Discernment reminds us that just because something may or may not feel in alignment for us, does not mean that it has to be the exact same way for everyone. It just is.

Judgement is a 'doing' and discernment is state of 'being.'

Humanity now has the opportunity to enter a state of discerning their way through life as result of the continued elevation and expansion of the collective consciousness.

Are you willing?


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