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Energy Update - Solar X Flare

The Sun has been shake, rattle and rolling again this week, generating some powerful Solar Flares.

What does this mean for us?

Because everything is energy, and we ourselves are energetic beings, we'll probably notice the extra surge of energy in our body and our lives these next few days.

This can show up as experiencing bursts of energy for no apparent reason, receiving new ‘out of the box’ ideas that we may not have thought of before, ringing in the ear, & vivid dreams. This can also manifest itself as feeling things are ‘off’ in some way around us, tired, head/sinus pressure, more emotional than usual, or out of sync.

Weather and seismic activity usually shift a bit at this time as well. This is all just part of us integrating with the light energies pouring in, so nothing to worry about.

Once fully integrated, there’s always a wonderful shift in our being that happens aligning us more with our truest most authentic self.

Some little tips to get us through this energy period: Drinking plenty of water, lots of rest, finding an opportunity to be in nature, surrounding ourselves with loving people, being more mindful than usual, meditating & simply being gentle with ourselves. Always remember that you are not alone. Enjoy this upgrade!

We are all in this together,



Set Yourself Free with Notes of Forgiveness

I have a powerful process I want to share that will help you create even more freedom and miracles in your life!

Forgiveness is one the most powerful ways to clear the blocks and obstacles preventing us from attracting the kind of miraculous life we've always envisioned for ourselves. To For-give literally means to give forth and release all energies that are not conducive to your expan-sion process.

Some of these energies include resentments, grudges, and anger that we might still be holding on to. When we allow the Universe to unburden us of these energies that no longer serve our greatest good, we move into a state of complete freedom where the energy of love, joy, and miracles reside!

The following miracle process may be a bit challenging for some people, so be gentle with yourself. I suggest sending these cards out at a pace that feels comfortable to you, and build from there. This process will lift most dense energy we carry with us, creating more room for miracles to enter our lives.

Notes of Forgiveness Miracle Process

1. Make a list of every person and situation in your life that you feel still needs forgiving. A great indicator to know if you still need to forgive is if you still feel an emotional charge when you think of those people or situations. If you feel completely neutral and are in a place where you can easily send them love in person or from afar, then you have truly forgiveness.

2. Create or buy some nice cards that are blank inside. Thank you cards also work well.

3. For each person or situation you thought of that still need forgiving, write what you appreciate and love most about them. Don't mention anything about forgiveness in your words, just write a note that expresses the feeling of love and appreciation.

4. After you write your note of love and appreciation, place the card over your heart space and repeat the following phrase 33 times: 'I forgive you, and I love you.' If you find your mind is resisting, you can say: 'I'm willing to forgive you, and love you.'

5. If you have the address of the person you wrote this card to, go ahead and send it to them from the post office or the nearest mail drop box. If you don't have their address or if you are writing the card to a situation that happened instead of a person, go ahead and drop it off at the mail box anyway. The act of you going to the post office and 'releasing' these cards is a physical symbol of your act of forgiveness. At this point, you will probably feel a bit of weight lifted off your shoulders, knowing that you have truly forgiven.

Try this for the next few months until you are no longer triggered when you think of someone from your past or present life. I can tell you that the miracle quotient in your life will magnify!

This miracle process is included in my first book Easy Breezy Miracle

If you enjoyed this process, please share it with your wonderful circle of friends and family.